Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Looking Up, A Bit

It's been nearly a week since I blogged, and a busy week it has been. The mold remediators are on their last day here, the room is tested tomorrow (although to be honest there's nothing there but studs), and they remove the two jet engine air scrubbers that have created a permanent notch in my hearing, at least the ones outside of the Room of Death. Mold testing happens tomorrow.

On the Bad Inspector Front, I last heard from them about a week ago when I was told that the owner was still not cogent enough from his double knee surgery to make decisions. I had given them until this coming Friday, but I have this bad feeling that they are using the time to get their legal ducks in order. If I find that is the case I will start telling the full story everywhere I possibly can, and then will consider legal action. I am still hopeful that they will do the right thing, but am preparing for the worst.

As far as unpacking goes, we are proceeding. Yesterday I finally took on the new game room, despite a very stiff neck after a weekend of choir concerts (it was a very busy week). All of the wargames are in the closet, as are the comic books and my vinyl records. I have four bookcases to hold my Euros, and I think I can fit them all. The problem will be all of the things that were in the bookcases before, mostly knick-knacky stuff. That and the books that were in our dining room. Once the Euros are unpacked it will be a while until I can get the extra boxes out, but at least I'll have a table and the games available. I'm just not sure when I would find *time* to actually play...

Speaking of which, I'm still on hiatus from Rip City Gamers. I'm hoping that next week I can start attending again, but much depends upon when my wife will be working, and her shift in schedule happens once their new receptionist is up to speed, which is taking a long time. My mother had a rough weekend, which we're convinced is because her GP is overwhelmed and not giving a good look at reducing her meds load, so we're looking into a new GP with more focus on older patients. Still, I'm very concerned about her falling (she did at least three times over the past week, once right in front of me), and the meds she's on make her confused. As such, I am much more comfortable being in the immediate vicinity, or at least having my wife here. Tuesdays are just too busy for now, though. It will be nice to get back into the groove.

My health is doing better. I saw a doctor last Wednesday, and my BP was 168/92. I see my regular GP tomorrow, conveniently at the same place we're going to try to get my Mom into (Fanno Creek Clinic), and I'm sure my BP will still be over 150 for the systolic number. I'm back on my diuretic BP medication, so hopefully it will be closer to an acceptable level. I also am fairly sure that I have a hiatic hernia (a hole in the diaphragm that allows part of your stomach to bunch up and cause discomfort). I had a bad moment during the Saturday night concert when I was fairly sure this was angina or an impending heart attack, but the symptoms really point to the hernia. I have a funny feeling I will have an extremely good sense of the current state of the health industry in America within two months, both for myself and for my mother.

Some other good news on the house... we have finished the kitchen, at least the unpacking part, and the living room is about 80% of the way there. I put up a towel bar in our bathroom last night, those are kinda tricky to get just right but I did it on the first try. I also replaced the old shower head, a 20 lb Speakman fixed head that was pretty much rusted out with our newer and much lighter Speakman removable head. I'll be trying it out shortly before I take my mother shopping for a coat and pants. My sister came out and picked up all of the packing paper (we estimate about $100 worth) that we'd saved, she's going to take our boxes, worth another $500 or so, in the next month. We have a lot of boxes, but they don't seem quite so numerous when they're collapsed. So far very little damage to our goods - of the games only the Days of Decision III box took a ding, although I've got a lot of boxes to open still. Amazing considering how fast the movers worked.

I'm not sure if I'll ever play Warcraft again at this point. I haven't touched it in weeks, and may not for a couple more. If I was ever complaining about being bored, that is no longer the case.

I am so looking forward to having the jet engines removed...

I'll post more in a couple of days once the Bad Inspectors have decided if they're going to go on the side of the angels or not.

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