Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Bye Bye Blogger

After several hours spent trying to figure out why my images weren't being loaded, and then dealing with the trumpster fire that is Blogger's web-based draft editor, I've given up on the platform. At this point, I am happy to hear what other people use. As far as I'm concerned Google has killed this blogging channel.

The worst part was by far how unfunctional the draft editor was. Select a draft post to edit, move your mouse across the screen, and watch your images, or at least the boxes where one might expect to see images, fly around the post. The watch as you can't scroll up or down the post! Ha ha!

Customer support kept telling me to contact the maker of BlogTouch, the editor I downloaded to allow me to, y'know, edit the draft, when I had told them repeatedly that the editor online didn't work. Despite the initial material having nothing to do with BlogTouch. 

Enough. My final post on this site will let you know where I've moved. Maybe the Geek, although I've found their image addition ability to be onerous in normal posts...

Monday, November 21, 2016

Crazy Year

What a year. I had every intention of being better about keeping this blog updated, but between open heart surgery in March, joining an R&B band as a keyboardist (not my wheelhouse, it has taken more work to prep for this band than any given year getting my master's), and the incredibly depressing US election (not a political statement, just a fact that we elected a man to the most powerful position in the western world who ran solely to get a good renewal deal for his reality show series, as documented by the person running the campaign when it started), putting out content just wasn't in the cards.

Now, I am actively trying to avoid political news after suffering a very mild and temporary stroke last week (doing fine now, just a couple of hours of wonky vision and a whole lot of medical tests to find out that, as someone on blood thinners, there isn't much I can do about a stroke if I have another). As part of that effort, it is my intent to focus on games that I'm interested in but that don't have a lot of coverage in the usual venues. Not a big fan of CSW because of the lack of threading, but I will cross post to the Geek.