Thursday, March 06, 2008


I certainly complain when people don't live up their promises, but I also like to take the time to thank those who make my life easier. In this case, the kudos go out to Vais Technology, who make the SoundLinQ iPod adaptor I have in my '05 Lexus ES330. You'd think that a car of that vintage would have an easy way to incorporate an iPod, but no. Regardless, the cable that connects from the iPod to the adaptor started behaving erratically recently, with sound cutting out unless the cable was aligned just so. I thought for a while it was my nearly three year old iPod losing it's tightness around the data port, but when I used it in my wife's RAV (which has a Griffin adaptor that plugs into the same port), it was very tight and I had no problems at all.

Looking at the warranty for the SL1 unit I have, it told me to contact the manufacturer, which I did by e-mail (I like having a record of these sorts of conversations). I expected never to hear back from them again, as seems to be SOP for most companies, but they actually sent me a return mail, saying they didn't have me on record as having purchased from them, but that they were sending out a new cable per my request anyway.

I figure the cable probably costs them $10 max, plus the time and cost to package and ship, plus reading and responding. All in all, something a bit less than $50. All to make sure I was happy with my purchase. Well done, Vais Tech.

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