Monday, February 09, 2009

Note To Self:

Two six year old girls, two two year old boys, a lot of sugar, and time spent in an unsupervised gaming room with a tray full of SPQR counters is to be avoided. On the plus side, I *was* smart enough to put the game board with the prepared Heraclea scenario in an art tray so it stayed intact. 

I had a nightmare last night that they got into the Case Blue and DAK 2 boxes and proceeded to empty every tray and ziplock into a large pile in the middle of the room. I may need sedation tonight.


FloydWing said...

Too cute! I'm sure a lesson well learned. That's a nightmare only a war gamer could have. ;)

Dug said...

I have this other wargamer dream that may be unique. In it, I find a new game store that I've never been in, that has dozens and dozens of games that I've never seen. One game in one iteration of the dream had dinosaurs with sci-fi weaponry. As I have more of the dreams (I've had maybe 10 so far), the boxes get bigger and bigger, and the stacks of games get higher and higher. The last time I had this dream, there was one game with a box that I'm certain measured 3'x4'x1'.

I'm not quite sure if these dreams are nightmares or another kind entirely. All I know is that if I ever gain lucidity during one of these dreams that I may never wake up again. I may require professional help.

FloydWing said...

What is this art tray you refer to? I'm not familiar with the game. Would it be big enough to store a set up game of A Victory Lost in?

Dug said...

Floyd, the short answer is "yes," you can store AVL in a poster frame and then put it in one of these art trays. However, they're expensive ($50 or so per tray!), but extremely useful if you want to have three or four one-map wargames set up at a time and switch between them (for different opponents or even if you like to leave solitaire games set up).

I'll post photos and more info in an entry in the next few days.

FloydWing said...

Cool! I'd appreciate that.