Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Who Watches The Watchmen?

Who watches the Watchmen? That would be us at midnight Thursday (going into Friday) with my daughter and her SO. The look of this film, based on the trailers I've seen, is nothing short of amazing, and may end up being the best superhero film EVAH (previous holder of the title: The Incredibles). However, it's a complex and chewy series, and I fully expect both the pirate comic book and the Golden Age heroes backstories to be minimized in order to fit the rest into a two hour film. 

I will put up a full review on Friday after I get up at noon. Regardless, if you ever enjoyed superhero comic books or films, I strongly recommend you check out the graphic novel, originally published in 1986. I started collecting comic books again at that time, and kick myself for not picking up Watchmen because it was two or three issues in. My guess is they'd be worth around $100 for the set even in Very Good condition, even though the series has been collected and published repeatedly in the past 23 years. I even got a hardcopy for my father-in-law for Christmas this year, although I don't know if he's read it or not. 



George said...

Matt R. and I plan to go at midnight in Sherwood.

Tim said...

The Pirate-ship story is supposedly not going to be in the cinema version much at all - but it was filmed, and is going to be included in the DVD box set.

Or so I have heard from fairly reliable sources (read: ones who keep up with comic and entertainment news way more than I).

George said...

That's exactly what the Newsweek article said. The article also complained how closely the director followed the story line of the book, rather than put some of his own views into it.

Greg W said...

We're going to see it Friday night at Bridgeport. I understand there was a slight change to the end. Also, the running time is 2:43 so be warned!

Chris Brooks said...

I'm seeing it at Bridgeport on Friday afternoon with some folks from work.