Monday, June 08, 2009

Things I Learned In May 2009

My blogging (and gaming, for that matter) has taken a serious hit over the month of May, largely because my personal life has been one ongoing crisis after another. At least I got a week in at WBC West that was relatively quiet.

Here are the things I learned in the merry merry month of May. Note that most of these things didn't happen directly to me, but they did happen to people I know. 
  1. The justice system is not going to provide you with any useful information right up until they actually give it to you. Also, they tend to be closed on Sundays.
  2. Make sure you understand the implications before calling 911 regarding a domestic violence problem. Some states (for example, Washington) have some very tough laws that may not have the result you were thinking you'd have. 
  3. If you have a loved one forced to stay overnight at a hospital, a family member or friend should be there. Don't be afraid to ask what the hell is going on or make sure that your loved one is getting the right medications. (Note: Not related to items 1 and 2 above, at least necessarily).
  4. Steroid injections for back pain rock. Totally. 
  5. When you turn 80, you should get to take all the opiates you want, among other things. Who the f**k cares about long term effects at 80? 
  6. Back up your hard drive, especially if you are responsible for travel information for a group you have a leadership role in. 
  7. If you finally decide to get off your ass and do regular computer backups, make sure that you take the time to do them for your spouse's computer too, especially if you decide to be responsible about a week before said spouse's computer dies and you can't get info off of the drive anymore. Also, don't use the phrase, "That's why you back up your hard drive!" to your spouse. 
  8. If you buy a consumer-grade Mac, especially a laptop, get the extended warranty. Things will break within three years, it's a computer. 
  9. Know the rules before you start teaching the game. Good advice even if it's not a game you're teaching.
  10. Don't just rely on one review on the 'Geek before buying that expensive reprinted monster wargame. You may find afterwards that the designer hasn't issued a formal set of errata and in fact spends a lot of time on ConSimWorld contradicting himself and tossing out spot rulings. 
  11. Sometimes, you preorder (and pay) for a game nearly a year in advance. Sometimes the game has serious drawbacks, such as poorly die-cut counters. If you got a really good deal, don't complain that the river is purple on the map, but do ask repeatedly for them to send you the missing scenario book if you didn't get it.
  12. If you need to use scissors to trim counters of edge flash, use a band-aid to prevent blisters unless you've built up nice calluses. 
  13. Some solitaire wargames are pretty cool, even if you're mostly playing against a statistical model. Example: Zulus On The Ramparts (Victory Point Games).
  14. Apparently they *can* make a good Star Trek Movie that doesn't feature Ricardo Montelbahn. Or however you spell it. About freakin' time.
  15. Close the windows during a big wind storm. 
  16. Always bring a bottle of wine with you when socializing.
  17. Know what parts of your body are going to give you problems, then have them checked regularly. 
  18. Treasure the people who take care of you, whether that's in a familial, familiar, or professional. Help them when they need it. 
  19. If you can possibly manage to live with a dog that's indistinguishable from a Toon, do it. They will make all of the above a lot easier to swallow.
  20. If you get nice weather in May in Oregon, don't assume it will be nice in June too.
  21. When the local gendarmes start losing their State-based revenue streams, expect them to make it up by running non-stop saturation patrols on the local roads. This is a great time to try driving at the posted speed limit. Protip: Cruise Control can be a money-saving option on your car!

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9train said...

Hope June treats you better than May treated you. Game on!