Monday, August 31, 2009

A Prayer For Roger

Sorry for the lack of posts, recently; things have been very busy here and I hope to start posting again soon on some of the cool new games that keeps showing up.

In the meantime, I've just learned that my very good friend and mentor Roger has been diagnosed with ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease. A few years ago, one of my good college friends and groomsmen, Pat, died of this same disease, although for him it was a relatively short process - he died less than nine months after learning he had it. It is a terrible and insidious disease, gradually shutting down your motor functions until finally you are unable to swallow or even breathe. There is no known cure, and they really don't even understand the cause.

Like me, Roger is not a religious man, although he has a very strong spiritual life through his practice of music. That said, please include him and his wife Kay in your prayers and thoughts, regardless of your personal faith.

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