Thursday, February 04, 2010

Off To EGG

A friend in Eugene (the second largest city in Oregon, about 2 hours down I-5 from Portland) holds a "Eugene Games Gala" the first weekend in February, which both coincides with the Super Bowl (a game I haven't watched in years as even the commercials are bad now) and her birthday. This year will be interesting as I don't believe many people from our group who normally attend will be there. In fact, I know only that Alex and myself are going. Obviously, there are a lot more people from the southern Willamette Valley who will be there, but in the past it's been mostly people I know who I've played with.

I'm expecting to get in some introductory wargaming with Alex (possibly Bravery In The Sand) and also a longer game on Friday with my friend Doug B from the area. Past that, I'm not quite sure what to take. Unfortunately, I've had a very busy week and thus almost no time to prep anything, so any new games I'll be playing straight out of the rulebook. I was hoping to get a game Mechanisburg in, Rise of Empires, Le Havre, and probably some new stuff. Maybe even Agricola: FotM as I haven't played that yet. Also, A Brief History of the World.

As I mentioned in my last post, I will probably blog after the con is over but I intend to take good notes.

See you Monday.

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