Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Christmas In April

Somebody's getting an iPad on Friday...

If you have any recommendations for good apps, I'd love to hear them. I'm primarily interested (today, this will almost certainly change soon) in apps that allow me to view and print (on a networked printer) various types of docs (.doc, .pdf, etc), as well as stream video over a wireless network (.11n, I don't own much video that has DRMs). In case anyone's missed it, I am a Mac guy, so no need for any apps that work well with Windows. I'm somewhat interested in games, but preferably lighter or boardgame-oriented stuff. I also plan to do some reading with the thing as well, and I'm aware of the Kindle app (I use it on the iPhone already), and have a couple of apps for it. 

I'm also interested in the idea of downloading sheet music (almost certainly in PDF form). If anyone has any information on apps that are specifically designed for reading sheet music, that would be awesome. Of particular note would be some way to turn pages without needing to touch the screen, like a footpedal. I hear there's also a very cool Korg Electribe beat box emulator, which is very cool. 

I'm also interested if people have had any good or bad experiences with shells and/or screen condoms. I use both with my iPhone and would like to have similar protection. I tend to prefer resilient (rubbery) shells, although I've got an awesome mirror finish shell for my iPod Classic. I have some concern that such a device might weaken the WiFi reception and/or create heat issues, although that latter will be harder to judge this close to the device's release. 

My, I am an Apple devotee, aren't I?

ObGameTopic: One of the reason I decided to get an iPad was because I wanted to be able to store, read, and search wargame rulesets. I'll let you know how well this works after WBC West, where I intend for the iPad to be my only manual unless it just doesn't work at all.


Laurent said...

You should try the Netflix apps for video.
Check FingerGaming and TouchArcade for iPhone/iPad games recommendations and releases.

Laurent said...

BTW mine is currently in "Prepared for Shipment" and should be here between the 22nd and the 27th

Mike said...

Laurent, do I need to get the crutches?

I use GoodReader for pdf, and I prefer it to the more expensive PDFReader Pro. Excellent software, especially considering the price ($0.99). Netflix app is great. The iWork apps are good, but Bento is very limited.