Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Jack Vasel Memorial Fund Auction - How I Did

While I was sadly unable to contribute to the JVMF by buying anything this year, I am happy to report that I was able, through the games I donated for auction, to have raised $1302 US. This does not count the $200 I raised selling games to people at BottosCon, or the money I donated earlier in the year from sales of games to friends (another $300). The total comes out to about $1800 for the year, an amount that I would almost certainly have never reached by dipping into my own pocket.

I'd like to be clear - I am not bragging about this amount. I am trying to set an example for others to follow - the games you don't play anymore can do some real good for those in the community who need help, and they go to people who are just as happy to get them as if you sold them for profit. I'm not saying you put a $300 Barbarossa game up for auction, but you can clear out the stuff you just don't feel like you need to keep in your collection anymore. You don't need to go anywhere near as big as I did this year, every bit helps.

Plus, the hobby has given a lot to me, so I'm happy to give back. That I was able to find such an effective and satisfying way to give back is frosting on the cake. I hope that every person who won a lot from me thinks of Jack and the good his memory is doing.

To everyone who bid or purchased games from me, thank you very much. You've done good things for our community, and gotten a game in the process. Nicely done! I thank you, and everyone at JVMF thanks you.

Also, a final thanks to those who ran the auction. Especially the one poor soul who provided a PBS fund drive-style "pimp my auction lot" commentary on every lot I submitted, all 24 of them. Trying to find something unique and interesting to say about yet another Panzer Grenadier lot went above and beyond!

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