Monday, November 21, 2016

Crazy Year

What a year. I had every intention of being better about keeping this blog updated, but between open heart surgery in March, joining an R&B band as a keyboardist (not my wheelhouse, it has taken more work to prep for this band than any given year getting my master's), and the incredibly depressing US election (not a political statement, just a fact that we elected a man to the most powerful position in the western world who ran solely to get a good renewal deal for his reality show series, as documented by the person running the campaign when it started), putting out content just wasn't in the cards.

Now, I am actively trying to avoid political news after suffering a very mild and temporary stroke last week (doing fine now, just a couple of hours of wonky vision and a whole lot of medical tests to find out that, as someone on blood thinners, there isn't much I can do about a stroke if I have another). As part of that effort, it is my intent to focus on games that I'm interested in but that don't have a lot of coverage in the usual venues. Not a big fan of CSW because of the lack of threading, but I will cross post to the Geek.

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