Monday, March 05, 2007

Of Wii and WoW

The Wii hunt does not go well. A full month of Tuesdays and Fridays have led to exactly zero successes at Fred Meyer's, and I'm seriously rethinking that strategy. While I do have a trip to the mall today to pick up some glasses (and will time it to coincide with when I think the two console stores there might know if they have Wiis coming in), I may try calling the Beaverton Fred's rather than waiting at the Barbur Blvd Fred's (which is much smaller, but also much closer). The last gasp will be this coming Sunday, when Toys R Us will release the Wii's it's been collecting for the past three weeks. Despite picking up a few games at the local CompUSA clearance, if I don't have a Wii on Sunday I am going to wait for them to be easily available, which should be May at this rate.

On the WoW front, after last Tuesday's marathon session I have settled down to a saner pace. The peak number of hours in a single day since then is 2.5, with an average of 1.5 hours spent. Considering the amount of free time I have, that's a reasonable number. My gnome rogue is up to level 15, despite me misusing just about every power it has. Apparently the idea is to Sap any adjacent critters in the area, then backstab the one that's the target, then gouge to knock it out, then go around back and backstab again, then start thinking about sinister strikes and eviscerates to finish it off. I did manage to get the Skullthumpers and Seers quest done (along with collecting teeth), and found Tinkertown in Ironforge to improve my engineering abilities and pick up another quest or two. As a bonus, I discovered the tram to get to Stormwind and there I improved my mining skills as well to include smelting bronze, tin, and silver as well as completing a quest, so I'm going to spend the next session or two either sneaking around the Silver Stream mine or just mining/smelting and building stuff to exercise those professions. I also discovered fishing, so I'll do a bit of that as well. It will be a nice chance from trying to kill Stonesplitters.

I'm also considering starting another character, but I think I'm best served by settling into a 1-2 hour per day play frequency, and that requires me to be disciplined enough to keep only a single character active. Once I hit level 20, I'll consider play on another server with another character and see how that goes. Right now I'm fairly happy with my choice, as the engineering skill looks to be very entertaining as time goes on. I may even consider joining a group just to kill off the Ogre on the east side of Loch Mordan.

Now if I could just stop planning my next play session in advance...

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