Friday, March 09, 2007

The Search Is Over

I've been on a Wii hunt for more than six weeks now, and today the search finally came to an end.

But not because I found a Wii. Because I've given up.

I've put something like 20 hours into finding a game console that has less than six really worthwhile games published for it. I've looked on the web for rumors, always finding them with either incorrect information, or after the fact. I've been given false information, repeatedly, by store employees who seemingly only have an interest in jerking customers around. The final straw was hearing that TRU would have Wiis in last Sunday, then doing a search on the web to learn that it was in fact going to be the 11th, looking through the paper early Sunday to see if there was an ad (there was not, I looked through the paper several times), and then finding out that the sale was, indeed, the 4th - on the 9th.

I'm done.

Quite honestly, I don't know what I was thinking. I guess I figured that the local Freddy's would get one in at some point since late January. They've seen nothing in eight weeks, and have no clue when the consoles will ever arrive. The GameStop at the mall told me they were informed that nothing was coming for the remainder of March.

I'm sure Nintendo will still make money without me, but until I can go buy the system any time of the week at any local store, I'm not playing anymore. With WoW taking so much of my gaming time (I've put three hours into the PS2 since I got it, more like 30 into WoW in that same stretch), there's really no reason for me to put in the effort into something that was just a lark.

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