Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Realtor Strikes Back

Actually, not really. But it makes a great title!

Our house went on sale last night, and we were awakened this morning at 9:15am (amazing how you don't sleep well when you have a house you're buying but not one you've sold) by a realtor wanting to show the house. I take that as a very good sign, although the buyers decided not to offer because the place was "too noisy". The level of noise we get in our house is about the same as you get anywhere within two blocks of the Village proper, so I'm not sure they should have been looking in this area, or even in an urban setting at all.

I am predicting that we will get an offer, for less than we want, within a week, and an offer we will accept within three.

I usually don't post personal info, but if you're interested in seeing what my crib looks like, there are pictures on RMLS. The address is 7424 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland, OR 97219. Given that I'll be living somewhere else in a few weeks (hopefully sooner - now that all of our furniture is in the garage we might as well rent the new place for a couple of weeks before we close), I figure that any boardgame-following stalkers have a limited window of opportunity to cause harm to me or my family. Bonus - our dog Hallie snuck into the shot of the deck. Sadly, she's got her "crazy barber" cut on, so she isn't as cute as she is normally.

One last bit of news: we have the new place inspected tomorrow, so I should know a) if we'll really end up buying this house, b) what interest rate we can lock into, and c) ask if we can rent a couple of weeks ahead of time to get in and take care of the wallpaper, painting, and popcorn ceilings.

I feel like my BP is up around 210/160.

Plus, I can hardly wait to set up all three maps for Great War in Europe Deluxe (which I finished clipping tonight)! This from a man who has had about three hours to devote to World of Warcraft since August 20th. Right.

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Greg said...

How amusing, I live about a mile from there. What is your RMLS number? I don't think you can look it up using the address.