Sunday, September 02, 2007

Offer: Accepted

And we have a place to go when this place sells! They came back $8000 over what we'd offered, but we decided to stand firm and they caved. All it would take is ten seconds trying to get into the master bath shower/spa tub combo (with the attendant hitting of one's head on the shower door rail) to realize that there was significant work required on this house. The bathroom has moved near the top of the to-do list after getting the mirrors off of the dining room walls and removing the popcorn ceilings! And removing wallpaper and painting.

Oh my, what *have* I gotten myself into.

We've spent most of the weekend so far trying to prep our place for viewing. There is really an astonishing amount of work to do, from putting everything not nailed down into a box in the garage (I am officially fine with spending whatever it takes to have someone else box up and move our stuff), to carrying medium sized pieces of furniture down the stairs or around the horn (all the way around the end unit on the street when the stairs has gotten a bit tricky to navigate). However, the place is very close as I type this on Sunday morning, and we're hoping to finish everything but a very few items so that we have little or no work to do on Labor Day.

I am too old for this.

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