Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Age of Conan - Here We Go!

Picked up the AoC package today, and have spent the past hour or so installing, with another 10 minutes until the servers are up. Apparently there's a problem with the Lacheish Plains area, and players are being urged to stay away from that part of the map. Unlikely I'll get out of a newb area today, frankly. I have three Wargame Room games that I need to finish before Sunday night! 

Also, the video requirement is for a high-end graphics card, and mine barely makes the grade at "required" (an ATI 256mb card - I still remember the first VooDoo cards that were something like 4Mb ten years ago, but of course I also still remember my Apple IIe with floppy disk space measured in kbytes and no hard drives). The eye candy is nice, but I'm more interested in overall play experience for now. A new card would set me back a good $300 on my Mac - there are very few options that don't risk damaging the card permanently.

I'll give more input once I've had a chance to play the game a bit. 

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