Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Die, Walmart, Die

Did I really think that Walmart would ship their Wii bundle for $100?

Try $215. For seven games and a video game console that weighs about 10 pounds. For the *cheapest* shipping option.


Walmart, always looking out for the little guy. I guess Sam Walton is a midget.


Chris said...

The Walmart, The?

Hey, if you ever find one in retail and there's an extra, grab one for me if you don't mind. I'm happy to return the favor. I'll be starting my hunt this weekend.

Dug said...

Actually, the correct German for that translation would probably be "Der Walmart, Der!" Unless somehow Walmarts are considered feminine, which I suppose is possible if you think of the box stores as mammilian rather than phallic. Or, if neutral, "Das Walmart, Das!"

Take your pick.

I am uncomfortable buying two Wiis when they are in such short supply. I recommend you try Toys R Us this coming Sunday, I think there is one in Sherwood.