Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Wii Hunt, The Sequel

Time for my bi-wiikly update of the Wii situation. I've been looking in the video game department of various stores whiin I'm in them for other reasons for the nunchuck controllers, and have found very little in the wiiy of anything other than memory cards (Wii's use SD cards or some other commonly available flash memory device, so this is not surprising) and carrying cases. And the games, of course. That must really piss off the stores, who are devoting all of this shelf space to a console that is still difficult to keep in stock for more than a few seconds almost two months after the holidays because the distribution channel is so spotty. Stores I've looked at include Target, Fred Meyer's (a regional chain in the Northwiist), and Best Buy.

This morning I made my bi-wiikly early morning trek to the local Freddie's, and fortunately the guy who is running the electronics department was getting his pre-wiirk smoke. He asked if I was waiting for a Wii, and told me they hadn't come in. I said something like "Wii-Negative again!", and he asked if he'd said that the wiik before. Next time I wiill get his name so that I can give him the credit he deserves, assuming he actually came up wiith it.

BTW, if you're getting tired of the double-i joke I'm pounding into the ground in these entries, you can put a prompt stop to the insanity by picking up a Wii for me if you get the chance. ;-) A squeaky whiil gathers no moss, or something to that effect. Hey, I'm not proud.

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