Friday, August 31, 2007

Looking For Mr. Goodhouse

Monday, we decided that this was the time to sell this house.

Tuesday, we had the realtor over, who told us that everything on every flat surface in the house had to go in a box in the garage. It better be a pretty big box...

Wednesday, we go looking for a house and find one. Fortunately, we can live with a combo shower/whirlpool bath set two feet under the floor of the bathroom; interesting wallpaper choices that largely include chickens, plaid patterns, and (I sh*t you not) mirrored walls; popcorn ceilings; andwhat appears to be storage for vinyl records and VHS tapes in what was apparently once a wood storage area right next to the fireplace. Because records actually sound better when exposed to 300 degree heat. Funny story - I ask the realtor (a different one than is selling the house) if we have to start voting Republican if we move out to this neighborhood with a golf course, and she says, without blinking, "Yes."

Thursday, we make an offer on the Chicken Ranch, $20k under the asking price. That tub is going to cost a pretty penny to remove.

Friday, we get a counter asking for $8000 of the asking price back. We don't budge.

More as I learn it...

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