Monday, May 10, 2010

Final Prep for WBC West

We're down to less than a week until I leave for Sunriver and WBC West, and this year there has been an incredible amount of prep work. In the past week alone, I've helped Matt and Alex learn Sword of Rome and A Victory Lost, run through the invasion sequence and turn sequence with Chuck, Mike and Eric, and run through the Stalin's War example of play.

Still up are a quick read of the 3rd Ed Successors rules (I am very familiar with 2nd Ed, but there are a lot of little changes), a read of the A Victory Denied rules as well as a play through of the first couple of turns to lock this in (I learned them wrong before), and finally I need to prep a couple of Luftwaffe missions for The Burning Blue, as well as refresh the sequence of play. In six days. Suddenly, that seems like a lot.

To make things worse, I'm realizing that I need to prep a couple of other things as well: the Innsmouth Horror expansion for Arkham Horror (one of our night games), run through the Leaping Lemmings rules (which just came out as a preorder), and anything else that will be evening fare.

The good news is that I expect to get through AVD tomorrow, do TBB missions on Wednesday, and read up on the necessary extra rules on Friday and Saturday. We leave Sunday.

It's so crucial to an enjoyable WBC West that I have at least passing knowledge of the games I'm going to play. Trying to learn them on the fly at the nano-con just means my brains are mush earlier, which means frustration and considerably less fun. I felt last year went pretty well, aside from the various last-minute personnel drops and cancellations, and I came home feeling like I was just about done. Playing TBB on Sunday morning may be the thing that kills me, although Sword of Rome on Saturday should be more fun that brain burn. I'll need the break after getting through Battle for Normandy on Thurs/Fri.

Here's my schedule for the week, excluding evening games:

Sunday Afternoon/Evening (?) - Successors with Mike, Dave, and Chuck
Monday Morning/Afternoon - A Victory Denied with Chuck
Tuesday - A Most Dangerous Time with Mike
Wednesday - Stalin's War with Dave
Thursday/Friday - Battle for Normandy (three-map campaign) with Eric, Mike, Chuck
Saturday - Sword of Rome (5 player) with Tex, Alex, Matt, and Dave
Sunday - The Burning Blue (2nd Scenario) with Roger



Damn. I forgot about the Sword of Rome 5 player rules...

Oh well. I suppose I'll fit that in somewhere.

This will be it for me for posting until the event itself. See you there!

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Steven J. Campbell said...

Hey mr. Dug.
I never saw a follow up regarding the rav4 ecm issue you were having.
I had this problem, added synthetic fluid and drove on it thinking I mustive had a leak after acceleration was slipping and for some reason the darn thing would work for a few days then fail. Likely the computer right?
Anyhow I'm awaiting money so I can actually send the unit to ny from las Vegas (it also started to act up as spring came and temps went to the 70s and 80s) so I hope my tranny isn't wrecked. I can still shift backwards fine and never once heard grinding.

How did yours turn out?
Let me know
steven Campbell in las Vegas
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