Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Where Now After WBC West 2010?

WBC West 2010 is history, and it's back to real life. So what's up on my schedule for the next couple of months in a gaming sense?

I am continuing my attempt to play one solitaire wargame per month, which doesn't give me a lot of time in May. However, my first priority is to try to get in a game of Struggle For The Galactic Empire. It's fairly rules light and while it may bleed over into June I hope to get it at least learned and started in earnest this week. I am also continuing with my participation in Steve Dixon's B-29 online campaign, which has been surprisingly satisfying.

Of the games we played at WBC West, I'm particularly interested in getting A Most Dangerous Time, Stalin's War, and Battle for Normandy back on the table. The latter is really the only one I can solitaire effectively, and I plan to do the Gold-Juno-Sword scenario (even with the invasions) just to see if I can get a sense of the problems Mike had with the game's mandatory assault requirements and see if I can make more efficient use of engineers for blowing bridges. Not to mention nailing the rules down in my head. As for AMDT and SW, I figure opportunities will come up somewhere along the line. I also intend to try The Burning Blue via VASSAL, although I think my game generated enough interest that I'll be able to find an opponent for face-to-face play.

I need to make a decision about whether I'm going to get the various "dust" games I've already mentioned on the table this year. After a closer look, I'm learning exactly *why* these games have never gotten set up and played - the maps are problematic. Of them, only June 6 and The Legend Begins will fit on my side table, while Victory In The West and Ukraine '43 will require my main table for however long I play them. I'm not sure I can make that kind of table commitment. Even now, I have a record player and a stereo amp sitting on top of TLB maps which are taped down to my side table, and I'll need to run through those rules yet again before playing. That said, I'm even more excited about trying out June 6 after playing BfN, and if anything ends up being played, that will be it.

I'll continue to attend our regular Tuesday euro/strategy gaming sessions (one tonight, amazingly).

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