Sunday, May 16, 2010

WBC West - Day 1 - Successors Turn 1

Hello from WBC West and Sunriver! As something a little different this year, I'm going to micro blog as the games progress, at least to start. First up is Successors, played with Dave (the black faction), Mike (Yellow), and Chuck (blue). I of course am the red faction.

The first turn was fairly standard, with Chuck as the Usurper, although no one attacked him. I used Craterus to take Syria, Coele Syria, and Phoenicia (and it's fleet). Mike took Lydia, Caria, and Pamphylia/Lycia, while Dave took Susiana, Persis, Mesopotamia, and made incursions into Chuck's Media. Meanwhile, Chuck took Judea and not much else. I also took Thessaly, but the Greek army made things difficult for me.

Here's the starting position for the game:

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