Monday, May 17, 2010

WBC West - Day 2 - AVD Turn 4

Turn 4 saw the collapse of the Minsk pocket, although Chuck had gotten three units out of it the previous turn. I'd saved two HQs in order to allow placing two 9th Army chits in the cup, but would they show up in time? I also focused on the 3rd Pz for my two chits to place in the cup early.

Focusing north this turn, and got both 3rd Pz chits before Chuck could slow my guys down with the OoS chits. On the down side, I have to wait for the reinforcement chit to come out before I'll get to do anything else, and much would depend on how soon that happened. I had the green 3rd Pz units go for Safonovo with little success, while the purple units are bypassing Belyy and are heading for Moscow to force Chuck to pull a bunch of units back. However, he will have the reinforcement phase to do this. As it was, he continued to focus on killing my units, and did pretty well. By the end of the turn, he'd wiped out all three blue panzer units from 2nd Pz and things were looking grim - those points are precious, not to mention you need those units to create a spearhead.

More soon...

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