Monday, May 17, 2010

WBC West - Day 2 - AVD Turn 3

I chose this turn to focus again on the south, selecting a 9th and Guderian. Dumb move, I forgot that I could put three 9th chits in the cup if I brought enough HQs from Minsk. As it is, I'll get to bring two next turn, but being able to move 2nd Pz twice would have been extremely helpful. Also, my third 9th chit came out late so not able to pull off the encirclement of Timoshenko's force. Next turn I will focus much stronger in the north and see how far I can push up there toward Moscow. The drawback is that my 2nd Panzer army is pretty much toast at this point except for it's infantry force, and I can't utilize both infantry and panzers at the same time. Chuck ended the turn by killing the SSReich moto unit with his rockets, a wise choice.

Again, the photo is from the start of the turn, and for some reason my iPhone decided was upside down.

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