Sunday, May 16, 2010

WBC West - Day 1 - Successors, Turn 5

The final turn! Chuck was in a strong position, but Mike came back strong. Chuck made a run on my Babylonia and Cilicia, and my forces were weak enough that I really had one shot to take out his Eumenes. It was not to be, and I was put into a situation where I really needed to take Rhodes, and probably Persis in order to win. As it was, Mike was looking like he'd take Largest Fleet, but then I ended up with a ton of 4 cards, enough to counter him taking back Caria.

However, what I didn't notice was that Chuck was threatening so many of my areas, nor that he had spread them so thin. Had I been paying attention, I could have taken Persis with a Treachery card (which it turned out Chuck could have wiped out with a Hubris card), or at least sent Seleucus back to Babylon to protect my territory. As it was, Mike was forced to make a run on Chuck's Cilicia units and his combat failed, so Chuck got the Auto victory with a couple of card plays to go.

A great game, and the new rules were more or less bulletproof. The game can still suffer from a certain degree of randomness, but as story goes this one was pretty great. Kudos to Chuck for putting himself in such great position to win the game while denying Dave the final success by one point (and on nearly the last play of the turn!)

We go now to play some Zopp, and that should be it for me for the evening. Tomorrow we go out for breakfast, then Chuck and I will be playing A Victory Denied. Eric shows up around noon, when he, Mike, and Dave will play Maria. Tex and Mimi arrive in the evening.

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dave said...

For the record, we're playing Friedrich, not Maria.