Sunday, May 16, 2010

WBC West Day 1 - Successors, Turn 2

I'm forced to use my iPad in Blogger, and it doesn't let me use the web interface, so I have to use the e-mail interface and that doesn't allow me to edit where the photos go. Sorry about that. In the previous post, the first picture was game start, second was end of turn 1.

Now we're on turn 2, and Dave ran the body up to Pella, taking out everyone in the process, although I had a good shot at him when I played Gift of Oratory to take out his Royal Macedonians. I made some inroads into Mesopotamia, while Chuck took back Media. Dave took Pella as well, so I lost my hold in Europe. Not looking too good for me, but at least Dave has the target on his head going into turn 3, as he controls Alex and will win at the end of turn 4 if we don't stop him. I have Heracles, but I am nowhere near enough VP to win on turn 3.

More soon...

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