Monday, May 17, 2010

WBC West - Day 2 - A Victory Denied Turn 1

Welcome to Day 2!

Chuck and I are playing AVD, while Mike and Dave played Stronghold while waiting for Eric, who arrived at 2:30pm, a bit later than he thought. They are playing Friedrich as I type (not Maria - they went back and forth on that game during the lead-up to the event). I believe Dave successfully defended his castle, btw, in Stronghold.

Photo shows the starting position for AVD. This will be our second attempt at this game, having chained a few too many HQs the first time we played, we have the rules down now. I am taking the German side, Chuck the Soviets. I chose the Guderian, 2nd and 3rd Pz activation chits, plus the auto pull of 3rd Panzer. This is the turn the Germans need to make hay.

Germans advance well in the center, threatening Smolensk. However, I leave a road open to the north and Timoshenko runs a unit up to Mogilev. I respond with four 2nd Pz infantry units from the pocket, along with an HQ and the extra 9th Army activation chit to the south. They take Bogachev to threaten to breach the river line to the south. Fortunately, the gamble pays off and no Soviets escape the pocket this turn. The extra 9th Army activation also allows me to get my infantry in the south and the center into a better position.

Turn 2 (plus the final Turn 1 position) soon...

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