Sunday, May 16, 2010

WBC West - Day 1 - Successors Turn 4

Lots of excitement this turn - Dave would win if he could have the most combined Legitimacy/VP. Chuck did a good job of building up VP in Armenia, and seemed like he might beat out Dave easily, but then Dave drew the Pontic Fleet, and then bumped up his Macedonian fleet to get Largest Fleet and would win if I couldn't do anything. I'd already lost Polyperchon in Europe to Dave's army, so it came down to whether or not I could exploit my taking the Cypriot fleet to equal Largest Fleet.

Fortunately, Mike had left Caria open, so I moved in on my last card play and took it and equalled Dave's fleet and he had no way to respond. Chuck had one more VP+Legitimacy point than Dave, so on to the final turn!

That's one thing about Successors, it's never over until it's over.

One more turn to go...

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dave said...

The MVP play was Mike condemning my general, which took away 3 VPs. And don't forget you cancelling my marriage. Yup, f**ked by three card plays in the same turn...

Thanks for teaching!