Tuesday, May 18, 2010

WBC West - Day 3 - A Most Dangerous Time, Pt 2 (of 3)

On to the second part. This post includes a photo I took at the point we broke for lunch. The game was very much in flux at this point.

Turn 9 -

Nobunaga: My luck has shifted the opposite direction, and Mike's has gone south. I use three of my four movement points to move Nobunaga and Akari into Iwamura to fight Shingen. We match initiative, Mike inflicts three hits on me, I inflict four on Mike and a lone Shingen escapes but in a precarious position.

Anti-Oda Minors: Mike does nothing.

Ikko-Ikki: One movement point, he assaults in Noda again. I kill one II, he wipes me out and the space reverts to Myoshi.

Shingen: Mike takes Shingen and his lone unit back to his home castle in Kofu.

Oda: A very good turn: Tokugawa attacks into Kakegawa and wipes out the entire force, killing Yamagata and displacing Baba for a turn. Takeda is on the ropes, and I need to finish him off.

Azai/Asakura: Mike rolls a 5 and he can do some things. Yoshikage sieges at Obama, loses one unit and is unsuccessful. Another four go to the transit point adjacent to Mt. Hiei.

Takeda: Nothing.

End Turn: I draw card 34, place four Oda units (mostly in Kyo), and Tokugawa gets his unit back in Yoshida.

Turn 10 -

Oda: Tokugawa starts trying to conquer Takeda, putting Mt. Kuno under siege, but no losses in the assault. Nobunaga heads to Azai to put Odani under siege.

Nobunaga: Nobunaga and Hashiba put Odani under siege to try to eliminate the Azai. Odani is a really tough nut to crack, not sure this will work out. I do take out one unit, but at a cost of four of my own. Meanwhile, Tokugawa takes Mt. Kuno.

Anti-Oda Minors: No activity.

Ikko-Ikki: The force in Mt. Shigi moves to Yamatokoriyama and puts Tsutsui under siege. No units lost in the assault.

Azai/Asakura: Mike rolls a 2, assaults Obama but only loses a unit.

Shingen and Takeda: Not enough to do much but cower in Kofu.

End Turn: I draw card 5, which doesn't do much for me but keeps the samurai safe. Reinforce near Oani and Tanba to prevent Ashikaga from going Daimyo.

Turn 11 -
Anti-Oda Minors: Pass

Shingen: Brings a unit from Takato to Kofu. Shingen is building up, but he and Tokugawa are at a Mexican Standoff.

Takeda: Pass.

Nobunaga: I bring up more units to assault Odani. I do manage to steal one of those units via negotiation, as well as another minor in Izushi.

Oda: Relieving the siege at Yamato fails miserably, losing three units. Nobunaga's siege at Odani also loses two more units, but we're getting close...

End Turn: I draw #54, another useless card for me. Again, I set up for taking odani and protecting Kyo. Mike continues to bulk Shingen up, and he lives another turn.

Turn 12 -

Shingen: Mike rolls poorly for movement, passes.

Takeda: Movement roll is a 4. Mike moves a unit into Kofu.

Oda: Nobunaga finally takes Odani, but not through negotiation. I also move up a unit to help bulk up Tokugawa.

Ikko-Ikki: Mike rolls well for movement, a six. They siege at Yamato, but lose one more unit.

Asakura: Mike rolls a 4 for movement. The Azai are fallen now. He advances into Odani to take on Nobunaga, but his Surprise card is countered by my Ambush and I win the first initiative and kill half of his force.

End Turn: I get #16 from the draw. Most units go near Kyo to beef that area up after my fiasco in Yamoto.

Turn 13 -

Oda: Very little I do, moving one unit up with Togugawa.

Nobunaga: I advance Takigawa into Yagami to assault the Hatano. Nothing happens.

Anti-Oda Minors: We finally figure out that Mike can convert Ashikaga to a Daimyo then play the betrayal card on Shbata. Five units go with him. I feel like an idiot for a) not noticing before and b) losing one of my big stacks.

Shingen: Finally, Shingen comes out to play with Tokugawa, who has set up an ambush for him for the last few turns. I roll like a demon, taking out five units, while losing two. Shingen gets away.

End Turn: Mori come in this turn, so almost all of my four regroup units come in on that border. I draw another Betrayal card I can't use.

Turn 14 -

Anti-Oda Minors: Mike builds up in Ibaraki.

Ikko-Ikki: Mike moves to threaten Takigawa in Yagimi, loses a unit in an assault on Yamato.

Nobunaga: I successfully take the Hatano unit in Yagimi, but fail to take the space. Mori has entered, so that's bad. Tokugawa goes in and dies against Shingen, but at least escapes the battle:

End Turn: Only two units to get back on the board. I draw 13, yet another useless card.

Turn 15 - Halfway point!

Nobunaga: Takigawa takes Yagami finally, Tokugawa heads back to Hamamatsu to rebuild.

End Turn: Lucky for me! Only one Tokugawa unit to place, I do so Sunpu to prevent Shingen from getting a strat move on the highway (I forget that he can't strat move on . I also draw Samurai becomes Daimyo, which I immediately place on Tokugawa, making him my most important leader. Shingen is still alive.

Turn 16 -

Asakura: Mike passes.

Takeda: Mike rolls a six, starts back on his way to Tokugawa. He runs right over the speed bump in Sunpu, but at least he didn't steal the unit.

Kenshin: Uesugi makes an appearance before Mori even gets a turn. They assault in Toyama and take the castle.

Shingen: Mike rolls a 2, brings Shingen into Kakegawa.

End Turn: Mike considers using Good Fortune to continue, but decides to end the turn. I draw #28, which is timely.

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