Monday, May 17, 2010

WBC West - Day 2 - AVD Turn 2

A challenging turn for me. I decided early that the key to survival in the south with Timoshenko hovering over me was to activate the 9th Army as much as possible. That meant bringing in more Minsk Pocket units to get another 9th Army activation, and one went into the cup at the start. Chuck abandoned the north entirely and I was able to isolate Smolensk. I was also able to isolate about six Soviet units when the Supply chit came up. However, I lost a step from one of my mech units and was forced to use the bomber to preserve another panzer unit. I was able to put the 9th army units in the south into position to encircle Timoshenko, so he'll need to pull out at some point or face isolation themselves. Since that's his big pocket of units on the board, I don't mind spending a couple of turns taking care of this. The next few turns will see my panzers hobbled by fuel issues, so just as well to let my infantry catch up and finish taking Smolensk (which, isolated, will fall quickly). I definitely need to let the 9th army fill in the center as well.

Photo shows the position at the start of the turn. Sorry about that, I'm discovering the various limitations of using an iPhone/iPod to blog using Blogger.

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